IMPACT Management Systems, LLC

IMPACT Management Systems, LLC is a unique management consulting firm offering select consulting, training programs, and services designed to positively impact management within a wide range of industries. The programs and services provide managers with key management systems and principles they can apply in their companies, with their clients, and in their personal lives.

IMPACT has been in operation for over thirty-five years and provides the following types of programs and services.

  • Business planning services
  • Organization development consulting
  • Team Building
  • Executive and management development

The IMPACT Management Program, a structured workshop, is offered up to 4 times each year. The program provides highly personalized training and consulting to help individuals improve their management and leadership effectiveness. The IMPACT Management Program is held in various Colorado locations and is limited to 12 participants.



The IMPACT Management Program is a systematic, step by step, approach to professional and personal development, fulfillment, and effectiveness.

In-house IMPACT Management Program

IMPACT Management Program is modified to address specific needs of a single company and to stress relevant management skills. The program helps assure consistency in management philosophy and systems. This approach has proven effective for individual companies and can compliment other in-house programs.

Individual Coaching

IMPACT provides one-on-one coaching to executives and managers for continued personal and professional effectiveness and for resolving key leadership and business issues.


We facilitate corporate planning and goal setting meetings to assess past and current results plus identify direction and changes needed to achieve desired future results. Outcomes from these sessions include development of a business plan, financial planning, commitment to the future direction, and personal ownership of the goals and action plans.


IMPACT conducts tailored consulting and training assignments designed to meet specific needs of the client. Examples of our services include corporate culture change, customer relations, facilitating corporate vision, goal setting and key decision-making sessions, conducting situation analyses, conflict resolution, and other organization development activities.


We collect data from team members regarding strengths, weaknesses, and issues of the team plus feedback about the individual team members. Based on these data, we tailor a workshop during which the team establishes both individual and team action plans to build on strengths and solve key issues.

We also provide team and individual conflict resolution skills through training or direct intervention. In any team there are going to be conflicts but how do we deal with them, by ignoring them or by developing ways to identify and resolve them?

If a team is to be effective, they need to know these important skills.

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