David Feasby

David Feasby is the Chairman of IMPACT Management Systems, LLC, a management consulting and training company which provides organizations customized programs and services to enhance personal effectiveness and create measurable results. IMPACT has been operating successfully for over thirty years and has a wide range of clients from the private and public sectors.

David has over thirty-five years of experience in line management, business consulting, executive coaching and management development, and facilitation both domestically and internationally. He has assisted hundreds of business owners and managers by helping to clarify business strategies and goals, identifying strengths and areas of improvement, and establishing specific action plans for improved success. Using his “real world” management and leadership experience, he has also provided consulting services and conducted trainings for executives and managers about leadership, time management, team building, process flow charting, and achieving personal and business goals.

In addition to receiving a Master’s Degree in Physics from the University of Michigan, David received a Certificate in Management from the University of California. He served as President of a small manufacturing company, managed an office of a national consulting firm, operated his own business on two occasions, and has worked for two Fortune 500 companies; General Dynamics and Fluor-Daniels.


Trever Renquist

Trever Renquist is the President of IMPACT Management Systems, LLC.  Trever has over twenty years of experience in management, technical and business consulting services, management development, and workshop facilitation.  Based on his direct management and leadership experience, he has provided consulting services and facilitated workshops for executives and managers on leadership, time management, team building, project management, achieving personal and business goals, and sales and marketing team building.

In addition to receiving a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Trever received a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering.  He also completed the IMPACT Management Program as a participant more than 15 years ago and utilized the skills every day in his management career.  He served in Executive positions in both Engineering and Sales & Marketing at two technology start-up businesses, and has partnered with Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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