Our Clients Say...


IMPACT Management Programs provide enhanced effectiveness by...

- helping me set realistic goals.

- equipping us to handle extreme business/financial pressures.

- offering a positive growth experience for me and the team.

- gaining skills in my career for many years to come.

- creating more time for planning and for myself.

- assisting in scheduling, meeting techniques, and problem solving.

- enhancing management, communication, organization, and leadership functions.

- helping in support and team-playing from individual team members.

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IMPACT Management Programs offer our clients...

- more willingness to challenge mediocrity.

- more receptiveness to specific direction.

- improved communication and morale.

- a series of positive changes.

- improved performance and efficiency of the individuals.

- collective efforts to function as a team.

- success in trust, team building and a sense of shared values.

- almost a year later our management staff is managing time better.

They would recommend our services...

- to all levels of management.

- to other groups that need expert consultation and facilitation.

Partial Client List

  • JVA
  • KL&A
  • RadiaSoft
  • Kennedy Jenks Consultants
  • Boyne Resorts
  • Sopher Sparn Architects
  • Dembergh Construction Wyoming
  • CLB Architects
  • studiotrope
  • TreanorHL
  • Anderson Hallas Architects
  • Roth Sheppard Architects
  • Catalyst Retirement Advisors
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
  • Water Research Foundation
  • Decorative Materials
  • Rocky Mountain Drywall
  • American Water Works Association
  • Flatirons Solutions
  • Exit & Retirement Strategies
  • Raftelis
  • RRC Associates
  • Motif Design Solutions
  • Greeley Country Club
  • MDG | HDR
  • BWG | CannonDesign

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